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What is a repository?

A repository is a system that stores assets and provides versioning and metadata support, for example, Microsoft Azure or Amazon-S3. In a continuous integration and delivery pipeline, repositories provide centralized storage for software that is to be tested, shipped or deployed. Pega Platform can communicate with common repository technologies and can also act as a binary repository. Pega Platform can browse, publish, or fetch artifacts that are created whenever an action creates a RAP: for example, exporting an application, product, branch, or component.

To create a repository, the operator's access group must have the PegaRULES: RepositoryAdministrator role. To use a repository, your access group must have the PegaRULES: RepositoryUser role.

Create an Amazon S3 Container

1. Create a bucket in Amazon S3 storage container.

2. The Bucket name should be unique. Click next and fill all the required fields according to your requirements.

3. Set permissions according to your requirements.

4. Review the configurations and click Create Bucket.

5. A bucket named testengine1 is created here.

Connecting Azure to Pega

A. In the header of Dev Studio, click Create > SysAdmin > Repository.

B. Enter a short description of the repository and the repository name and click Create and open.

C. In the Definition tab, click Select and select the repository type.

D. In the bucket field, give the bucket name as it is in the AWS console (bucket name should be in small letters).

E. Create an authentication with any name.

F. After creating enter the Access Key ID and security key (Note keep the keys confidentially).

G. In Aws console clear your username and select My security Credentials.

H. Create a New Access Key if required, you will be able to see the Access key Id and Secret access key.

I. Copy the access key id and secret Access key.

J. Paste the key in the Authentication profile.

K. You can specify the root path if required.

L. Save the Repository.

M. Hit test connectivity.

If connection is established, we will be connected to the S3 bucket from Pega.

Happy Learning!!!

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